Goldratt’s The Goal – Chapter by Chapter Video Summaries Covering The Theory of Constraints

Here’s the matching video content to the written page-by-page review of Goldratt’s the Goal. Learn the Theory of Constraints and you’ll find it makes the world a little bit better every day. If you want a quicker faster summary of Goldratt’s The Goal, check out the 6o second Google Shorts summaries (link).

Visit the entire 40 chapter series (5 minutes each) at the YouTube playlist.

Chapter 1 (Written Summary) (60 second summary)

Chapter 2 (Written Summary) (60 second summary)

Chapter 3 (Written Summary)

Chapter 4 (Written Summary)

“Alex, I have come to the conclusion that productivity is the act of bringing a company closer to its goal. Every action that brings a company closer to its goal is productive. Every action that does not bring a company closer to its goal is not productive.” Jonah, pg 32

Chapter 5 (Written Summary)

“They’re out there renting warehouses to store all the crap they’re buying so cost-effectively.” 

“Our tribe is dying and we’re dancing in our ceremonial smoke to exorcise the devil that’s ailing us.”

Chapter 6 (Written Summary)

  1. “How can I possibly control what goes on?”
  2. “Producing products is just a means to achieve the goal.”
  3. “The first thing I’m trying to do is get a clear picture of what we have to do to stay in business,” I say.

Chapter 7 (Written Summary)

P053 – “Why should I be different?”  The narrator talks about committing to his current job.  Without commitment, it is hard to do the daily work needed to make real change.

P054 – “More of the same is not going to do any good.”  If everything else has failed, changing tactics provides a shot at success.

Chapter 8 (Written Summary)

“And the measurements I use inside the plant . . . well, I’m not absolutely sure, but I don’t think they’re really telling the whole story…”

Chapter 9 – “What’s the deal with the robot?” (Written Summary)

“I need to know if the robots had any impact on our sales.”

Chapter 10 – “Does the robot make money?” (Written Summary)

“You’re still accounting for it. It’s just that his way is simpler, and you don’t have to play as many games.”

Every time Goldratt writes ‘games’ – readers of The Lean Startup should see ‘vanity metrics’.

“…But if the knowledge pertains to a product which UniCo itself will build, it’s like a machine—an investment to make money which will depreciate in value as time goes on. And, again, the investment that can be sold is inventory; the depreciation is operational expense.”

Chapter 11 (Written Summary)

“The big deal occurs when dependent events are in combination with another phenomenon called ‘statistical fluctuations,’ ” he says.

Chapter 12 (Written Summary)

Chapter 13 (Written Summary)

Chapter 14 (Written Summary)

Chapter 15 (Written Summary)

Chapter 16 (Written Summary)

Chapter 17 (Written Summary)

Chapter 18 (Written Summary)

Chapter 19 (Written Summary)

Chapter 20 (Written Summary)

“Why don’t we go ahead with the easier things right away and see what kind of effect they have while we’re developing the others.” Donovan to Rogo, pg 163.

Chapter 21 (Written Summary)

Chapter 22 (Written Summary)

Chapter 23 (Written Summary)

Chapter 24 (Written Summary)

Chapter 25 (Written Summary)

Chapter 26 (Written Summary)

“And I’m not about to stand by and let that happen just to maintain a standard that obviously has more impact on middle management politics than it does on the bottom line. I say we go ahead with this. And if efficiencies drop, let them.” Rogo to Nakamura pg 219

Chapter 27 (Written Summary)

Chapter 28 (Written Summary)

Chapter 29 (Written Summary)

Chapter 30 (Written Summary)

Chapter 31 (Written Summary)

Chapter 32 (Written Summary)

Chapter 33 (Written Summary)

Chapter 34 (Written Summary)

Chapter 35 (Written Summary)

Chapter 36 (Written Summary)

Chapter 37 (Written Summary)

Chapter 38 (Written Summary)

Chapter 39 (Written Summary)

Chapter 40 (Written Summary)

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