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5,000,000 Youtube Views for ‘Filtration’ – Tough Concepts the #1 Video Gets Right

5 million views is a lot for an industrial product – here are the concepts the top Youtube hit for ‘filtration’ got right. Continue reading

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Filtration in the Popular Media: Chinese Fear for Soil and Food

The New York Times recently covered the growing awareness of the pollution problems in China that have come with increased industrialization and growth.  The December 2013 article focused on growing concerns about heavy metals, primarily cadmium, spreading into the food … Continue reading

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Filtration in the Popular Media: Ultrafine Particles and 3D Printing

Dr. Brent Stephens and his co-authors at the Illinois Institute of Technology attracted a good deal of popular press attention (TechCrunch Article) with their recent publication of, “Ultrafine paticle emissions from desktop 3-D Printers” in the journal of Atmospheric Environment. … Continue reading

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Filtration in the Popular Media: Singapore Smoke

This June 21st article from the Economist, “Hazed and Confused; Smog over Singapore” covers the recent pollution challenges in Singapore.  The pollution is caused from fires used to clear lands in neighboring Indonesia – the smoke crosses the sea, making … Continue reading

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Filtration Challenges: Too Many Circles in my Venn Diagram

When we are working with a customer to design a new porous material, the first two criteria we often look at are (1) the efficiency (how much of the particulate are we going to capture, usually expressed as a % … Continue reading

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Better Writing, Better Communication; 10 Years, 300 Posts, 200,000 Words – 4 Steps to Success

What began as an undirected attempt to share my observations on domains where my background is unique, has shifted to taking those unique perspectives and applying them systematically to broader areas of society which attract a larger readership. Continue reading

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Medical PPE and Corona Virus: The Ideal and Improvisation

I am not an expert in this space, but my credentials are reasonable. This is my personal outlook, not that of any employer. There are heartbreaking stories of hospitals calling for PPE – especially facemasks – and courageous stories of … Continue reading

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Personal Credentials on Porous Materials, Facemasks, Indoor Air Quality, Hospital ICUs, and Infectious Disease

I’ve spent nearly 15 years working with porous materials – helping companies develop improved porous material products, designing the production systems that deliver membranes and nonwovens, and overseeing these supply chains. I am not a facemask expert – but I’ve … Continue reading

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Fluid Notes: Solar Power, Ceramic Pressure Exchangers and the Cost of Desalination

A group out of MIT made an announcement that they are able to harness solar power with a low cost – lower cost than a conventional desal plant – that was able to deliver 6 liters per hour per square … Continue reading

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Fluid Notes: PFAS and the Water Supply

RO can create clean drinking water, but it concentrates PFAS. Carbon beds can capture PFAS, but it may be released later. Continue reading

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