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Global Fluids: Kombucha, Probiotics and other Fermented Beverages

There isn’t a clear annual volume for Kombucha, probiotics, or active beverages – but the category is clearly growing.¬† That will continue – the combination of authentic, healthy, not-bad-for-you (which is not simply the opposite of ‘healthy’), convenient, and ‘new’ … Continue reading

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Doing the Math: Munitions & Nonwovens Production

Running numbers is crucial to understanding where you are with a new technology, especially if it is a physical product or tied to heavy industry. ¬†Even if you’ve only got three numbers in that initial .xls sheet, your ability to … Continue reading

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3D Printing: Not Past the Hype Until 2025

Tech News Today host Tom Merritt brought up the outlook for 3D printing in their year end Forecast Show – the technology continued go get a lot of press in 2012 and Mr. Merritt’s outlook for 2013 was optimistic but … Continue reading

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